About the Trust

Dr Bashir Malik

Public Governor - South Tyneside

Health issues affect all of us and we depend on the NHS at some time in our lives.  We should support our NHS Foundation Trust and ensure accountability in the decision making process.  We expect and should get a modern world class health provision.


At a time of major changes in the NHS we should ensure that the views of the local community are taken into account when important decisions in relation to future health provision are being made.


South Tyneside Foundation Trust is unique in that it has the responsibility for the management and delivery of community health services in Gateshead, South Tyneside and Sunderland, along with providing hospital based services in South Tyneside.  Our NHS Foundation Trust has an opportunity to improve patient care by an integrated approach in the benefits of which I am aware of as a former Community Unit Medical Director in South Tyneside.