About the Trust

Mark Tull

Staff Governor - Clinical

I have a lifelong interest in the NHS and an ongoing commitment to the wellbeing of staff and patients the organisation employs and serves.  I have worked as a Mental Health Nurse for 26 years and have a clinical hands on role.


I believe that any successful organisation needs to have the welfare of its staff at heart and this is particularly challenging at present with Government imposing targets and pay cuts.


A Governor of this Trust needs to act in the best interests of staff and the population it serves and will be accountable to the CQC to ensure that the organisation is held to account for its actions.


I can call on a background of representing staff individually and collectively for the last 18 years in my role as a RCN Representative.  This role has involved seeking the best possible outcome for staff in work disputes.  I continue to work closely with other Trade Union colleagues and value their support and input in collective actions.