Class 1 - The NHS & How We Fit In

Class Description: Planning documents outlining how we fit into the NHS structure

The class of information describes who we are and how we fit into the National Strategic Framework.

South Tyneside NHS Care Trust was established as an NHS Trust in 1993 to provide community and hospital services to the people of South Tyneside and surrounding areas, becoming (on 01/01/2005) South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust - authorised as one of the new NHS Foundation Trusts.

The Department of Health sets overall policy on all health issues and responsible for the provision of health services through the NHS. Key national documents can be found on their website: www.doh.gov.uk

The NHS is a very large part of the public sector, totaling more than six hundred Trusts. A full list of these Trusts can be found on www.doh.gov.uk website.