Class 12 - Human Resources

Class Definition: Employment policies and procedures Policies

There are a significant number of HR policies and procedures available to staff including:

  • Trade Union Recognition Agreement
  • Special Leave Policy
  • Job Share Policy
  • Harassment Policy
  • Maternity Leave Guidelines
  • Equality & Diversity Policy
  • Retainer/Career Break Scheme
  • Disciplinary Procedure
  • Sickness Absence Policy
  • Standards of Business Conduct
  • AIDS/HIV and Employment
  • Grievance Procedure
  • Staff and Public Disclosures Policy
  • Flexible Working Policy

The policies listed above are regularly reviewed and updated by our Policy Sub Group for agreement by the Joint Consultative Committee and Trust Board.

Human Resource Strategy

The Trust has in place a comprehensive HR Strategy which sets out our key goals and success factors.

Workforce Description

The Trust provides acute health care services to approximately 156,000 people in the South Tyneside and surrounding areas on four sites - the majority of which are provided at South Tyneside District Hospital.

Continuing Professional Development within the Trust

The Trust is committed to investment and support for lifelong learning and continuing professional development with career progression based on skills and competencies, using the the Knowledge Skills Framework in line with Agenda for Change. Further information can be obtained from our Training and Development Department.

Communicating with staff

The Trust has numerous mechanisms in place for communicating with staff and colleagues throughout the organisation. Examples include, Road-Shows, Communications Zones, Trust Board meetings, meetings of the JCC (joint consultative committee), Management Forum and Team Brief. In addition there are 10 specific HR matrix groups each focusing on a particular aspect of employment including Recruitment and Retention, Fairness and Work and Communication. The matrix groups comprise a range of staff from across the organisation.

We are involved in the Improving Working Lives initiative, of which a key element is improving communication systems within the organisation.

Diversity and equality

We are proud of our record of equality and diversity. The Trust is an equal opportunities employer and its Fairness at Work Matrix Group ensures that equal opportunities are afforded to all.

Paying our staff

The physical process of paying our staff is undertaken by the Payroll Department. The majority of staff that have pensions contract into the NHS Pensions Agency.

Recruitment and Retention

The Trust has an in-house personnel team who deal with recruitment and retention. (To find out about current job vacancies within South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust, please click here.).