Class 9 - Public Involvement

Our Statutory Duty

The Health and Social Care Act 2001 places a legal duty on NHS bodies to make arrangements to consult patients and the public not just when major change is proposed but in developing that proposal and in decisions that may affect the operation of services.

The Trust will work in partnership to achieve public involvement in strategic service planning. It will also work directly with Local Authorities, existing community and voluntary sector groups, patients and carers. As stated in Class 6 , we will inform the public of any proposed service changes or variations. We are committed to patients, carers and the public having greater say over the nature, style and management of the services we offer.

The Executive Director in the Trust who is accountable for Patient and Public Involvement is the Executive Director of Nursing and Patient Safety, who is supported by the Patient & Public Involvement Manager.

Supporting patient and public involvement

The Trust has been building on the significant level of Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) activity. The Trust's approach has been to integrate it into the way the organisation works, its vision and values and the achievement of Trust objectives. PPI is linked to other aspects of the Trust's agenda such as equality and diversity and staff involvement.

Consulting and Engaging with the Public

The Health and Social Care Act 2001 places a legal duty on NHS Organizations to involve and consult patients and the public in the planning of service provision, the development of proposals for change and decisions about how services operate. Further information is available from the Department of Health web site.

To ensure our patients and the public can have a say how services are delivered, a PPI information booklet has been produced entitled Listening, Acting Improving.

This booklet is available to all patients to help them understand:

  • How they can get involved
  • What systems and processes are in place to ensure patients are involved in planning services

The Trust has a process for deciding on the current priorities and development areas. The priority areas are developed as a result of listening and obtaining feedback from our patients. These include:

  • Concerns raised
  • Survey findings (national and local)
  • Comments and suggestion boxes
  • Patient's Forum and Local Group experiences
  • Service development project findings
  • Patient safety issues

Forums available

The Patient and Public Involvement Manager keeps a register of patients and the public who would like to be involved. Depending on their area of interest they are then invited to be members of identified project teams. This way they are part of the whole decision making process. Information is fed back to the public in many ways, including quarterly PPI Trust Board reports, media and information leaflets.

If you would like more information contact:

The Patient and Public Involvement Team
South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust,
South Tyneside District Hospital,
Harton Lane, South Shields,
Tyne and Wear
Tel: 0191 404 1000

Keeping Patients and the Public informed

Information relevant to the issues that the Trust believes to be of topical interest to the community will be made available through our Communications Team - including local news stories and responses to media enquiries and how they have been dealt with.