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South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust was authorised as one of the new NHS Foundation Trusts on 1st January 2005. We believe that the way a NHS Foundation Trust works will help us to improve the services we provide even further and to do so faster, and in keeping with what local people want. We see a number of very real benefits:

  • Greater local control will be achieved by encouraging people to become members of the new trust. Members will receive information about their local hospital services and will have their chance to express their views about them. Members will also be able to stand for election as a Governor of the trust if they would like to do so and to elect other Governors
  • Our clinical services will be shaped, designed and influenced by local people to meet their health needs
  • Our own staff will be able to influence the services they deliver more directly
  • Provided we can afford to, we will be able to borrow money to finance developments locally and believe this will enable service improvements to happen in a shorter timescale

For further details of the Trusts Terms of Authorisation download the Terms of Authorisation for South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust pdf

Details of the Trusts Constitution download the Constitution of South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust pdf

Become a member

To become a member click here for more information.

Membership gives greater local control to you, as a member of the public or as a member of staff working in the Trust.

As a member you will receive information about the Trust and will have the chance to express your views about the services we provide. You will also be able to stand for election as a Governor of the Trust if you wish to do so.

Further information on membership can be found in:


For more information on forthcoming events for Members click here to visit the Events section of the website. News

For more information on Members' News click here to visit the Members' News section of the website.

The Council of Governors

Each NHS Foundation Trust must have a Council of Governors. Governors represent the interests of the members and any partner organisations in monitoring how services are developed and how the organisation is managed.  For more information please refer to the Constitution above.

Further information

If you have any queries or would like further information please contact:
NHS Foundation Trust Membership Office
South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust
South Shields
Telephone: 0191 202 4121 (answerphone)
Or email: MembershipOffice.STFT@stft.nhs.uk.