Patients and Visitors

Food and Drink

Alexander's Cafes

Our cafes are situated in the Main Entrance and in the reception area of the Outpatients Department.

The opening times are:

  • Main entrance     0830 - 1930 hrs Monday - Friday        1030 - 1930 hrs Saturday and Sunday
  • Outpatients Department    0830 - 1600 hrs Monday - Friday

We provide a range of speciality coffees, teas and a range of cold drinks. We also sell a range of sandwiches made with speciality breads, most of which are made on the premises. In addition to this we sell a range of confections, biscuits and fresh fruit. 

Alexander’s Restaurant

The restaurant is situated on the ground floor, off the main hospital street towards the Maternity Unit. It is an airy restaurant in pleasant surroundings with seating for 160. Our friendly staff offer a full range of hot and cold meals for patients, visitors and staff and we are open 365 days a year.

Opening times are:

  • 0730 - 1900 hrs Monday - Friday
  • 0730 - 1830 hrs Saturday and Sunday,

A wide choice of breakfasts including full English and healthy options such as muesli and fruit salads are served. Hot and cold meals and drinks are also available during these times with up to 10 hot choices including a regular carvery. We often put speciality days such as Indian and Spanish, look out for information within the hospital. The staff restaurant boasts that only fresh ingredients are used. We serve only homemade soup, all vegetables are fresh, all food is cooked fresh daily.

Hot food is available from 0730 - 1900 hrs Monday - Friday and 0730 - 1830 hrs Saturday and Sunday. The restaurant has its own dedicated chef  who is also responsible for menu and recipe development. The restaurant was recently voted the 'best in the area' something which we are proud of and very keen to retain. Our aim is to continually develop the restaurant and patient meal service.

Our goal is to be number one!!