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Anaesthetists provide general and regional anaesthesia to enable operations to be performed by our surgical colleagues. During the operation the Anaesthetist ensures that the patient is comfortable, has no pain and that vital organ functions are maintained (e.g. heart, blood pressure, breathing).

Anaesthetic Services are provided in the Operating Theatres at South Tyneside District Hospital.  

The Anaesthetic Department can be contacted via the secretaries’ office: 0191 202 4046.

Contact Details

The Intensive Care Unit can be reached at: 0191 404 1030.

The Team  


Dr Ramesh Arumugam - Interest in Regional Anaesthesia

Dr Govindan Balaraj – ITU Lead; Interest in Intensive Care Medicine

Dr Darshan Boregowda – Head of Anaesthetic Department; Paediatric Lead; Interest in Colorectal and CPEX

Dr Sanjay Deshpande – Audit and Organ Donation Lead; Interest in Enhanced Recovery and CPEX

Dr Christian Frey – Clinical Lead for Theatres & Critical Care, Theatre Director; Interest in Intensive Care Medicine

Dr Shiv Gurung – Obstetric and Quality Assurance Lead, Medical Devices

Dr Nehemiah Mupedziswa – Guidelines and Policies Lead; Interest in Regional Anaesthesia

Dr Margarethe Pizon – Lead for Acute Pain, Difficult Airway, Fast Track Surgery

Dr Jacques Poltronieri – Lead for Regional Anaesthesia, Critical Incident Reporting

Dr Ashish Rajkumar – Deputy Head of Department; Educational and Patient Safety Lead; Interest in Regional and Obstetric Anaesthesia

Dr Riccardo Scano - Interest in Intensive Care Medicine and Regional Anaesthesia

Dr Sudha Stein – Rota maker, Theatre Efficiency Lead; Interest in Intensive Care and Regional Anaesthesia

Dr Naveen Venugopal – Lead for Morbidity and Mortality Review; Preassessment; Trauma; Interest in Colorectal and CPEX

Associate Specialists

Dr Andrew Swai – Interest in Community Dentals & Paediatrics

Dr Abau El-Dahab

Specialty Doctors

Dr Kumud Bhattarai

Dr Mohammed Dessoky

Dr Ines Funtak

Dr Hamid Ghasri

Dr Pushpendra Mehlawat 

Dr Pradeep Rajashekar 

Dr Hema Singh

Acute Pain Nurses

Jayne Billings

Susan Hadfield

Mandy Muir

Secretarial Support

Maureen Hart

Enid May

Dawn Stoker