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Also known as: Restaurant & Catering

The Catering department prides itself on providing first class food which is cooked freshly each day using fresh ingredients. We are proud to be able to bake our own cakes and make our own fresh soup!

Our patient meal service is recognised as being one of the best. We have three vibrant coffee shops and a popular and busy restaurant at South Tyneside District Hospital. At the heart of catering is a committed and loyal staff group who are the backbone of the service. All round catering provides an excellent and cost efficient service to the people of South Tyneside and beyond!

Contact Details

Ian Bullock
Head of Catering & Domestic Services
Telephone: (0191) 202 2180
Telephone: (0191)  404 1000 Ext 2180
Email: Ian.bullock@stft.nhs.uk

The Team  

Ian Bullock -  Head of Catering & Domestic Services

James Robertson - Kitchen Manager

Julie Caizley - Deputy Manager 

Locations for Catering in South Tyneside:

South Tyneside District Hospital, South Shields, 0191 404 1000