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Children’s Occupational Therapy (South Tyneside)

Occupational Therapists work with children to help them achieve their maximum level of function in all aspects of their daily life and help to promote health and well-being.

Criteria and Access

  • Aged 0-18years  (if attending school)
  • Registered with a GP in Gateshead or South Tyneside
  • Children experiencing difficulties with self-care skills e.g. drinking, feeding, washing/bathing and toileting or gross/fine motor skills which are impacting on the child’s ability to learn or play
  •  Children who have a physical disability/illness, developmental disorder/difficulty and/or learning disability 

South Tyneside team accept referrals from health professional’s e.g. GP, school nurse, health visitors.

What we offer 

  •  Assessment of functional performance using a range of methods and tools
  •  A goal orientated approach working in partnership with the child and their family/carer
  •  Collaborative working with colleagues in health, education and social care
  •  Individual treatment programmes
  •  Advice and information on maintaining and developing skills
  •  Recommendations for equipment and minor adaptions.

Where is the service provided? 

Children & young people can be seen in clinics at Palmer Community Hospital, in nurseries, schools and at home.

Contacting services:

South Tyneside: Children’s Occupational Therapy, Palmer Community Hospital, Wear Street, Jarrow. NE32 3UX   Telephone No: 0191 4028067    (Monday – Friday 8.30am – 5.00pm (answer phone facility outside of these hours)

Locations for Children's Occupational Therapy (South Tyneside) in South Tyneside:

Palmer Community Hospital, Jarrow