Our Services

Children's Speech and Language Therapy Services

We provide comprehensive services for children and young people (CYP) in South Tyneside, who have difficulties with speech, language and communication (SLC) and/or eating, drinking or swallowing (EDS) difficulties.  Our role includes assessment and diagnosis of difficulties in these areas. Therapy may include the provision of advice and programmes to parents, carers and education staff, individual or group therapy or the provision of an alternative means of communication.

We support CYP and their families to adapt and manage changes, in all areas of their lives relating to communication and/or feeding/swallowing difficulties.

We work in partnership with agencies especially Social Services, Local Authority and charitable organisations to reduce the impact of these isolating difficulties on CYPs well-being.

Our aim is to maximise the communication potential of all CYP who have SLC difficulties and to ensure safe, effective feeding for children with EDS, working as part of  the multi-disciplinary team.

We operate an open referral system. Referral forms can be obtained by contacting the relevant department.

Where is the service provided from

South Tyneside

Department of Speech and Language, Cleadon Park Primary Care Centre, Prince Edward Road, South Shields. NE34 8PS

Clinics are provided in South Shields at the following venues:

Stanhope Parade Health Centre

Cleadon Park Primary Care Centre

Palmer Community Hospital in Jarrow.

Children are also seen in Early Years, Nursery and school settings in South Tyneside, including Hedworthfield Language Unit and Harton Secondary Resource base, Fellgate Autistic Unit and 3 local Special Schools.

Contacting the services

For all enquiries relating to Children’s SLT in South Tyneside contact:

Department of Speech and Language, Cleadon Park Primary Care Centre, Prince Edward Road, South Shields. NE34 8PS

Tel: 0191 283 2484 & 0191 283 2485

Email: ChildrensSpeechandLanguage@stft.nhs.uk

Hours of Operation are from Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5.00pm. Answer-phone facility at other times.

Our teams comprise of Speech and Language Therapists and Speech and Language Therapy Assistants working in the areas of Community Paediatrics and Special Needs. All staff can be contacted via the Department - details above


Locations for Children's Speech and Language Therapy Services in South Tyneside:

Stanhope Parade Health Centre, South Shields, 0191 283 2484 &