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Community Falls Service

Please see also: Falls Service & Prevention 

We are a team of nurses, physiotherapists, consultants and health assistants who provide an in depth assessment, “A full MOT”, to determine why someone is falling over and how to prevent further falls and injuries from occurring. An assessment can include specialized blood pressure readings, an electrical tracing of your heart, strength, balance, and gait assessments, a thorough history, vestibular (inner ear) testing, and a medication review. Access to Occupational Therapists and exercise instructors is available as needed. Together with patients and their involved carers, we develop a plan of action which may involve adaptive equipment, exercises, changing medications, or referral to other services such as tele-care or specialists such as tilt table testing. The patient’s GP is kept informed throughout the entire process. All is done with an aim to maximize a person’s ability to safely live as actively as they wish.


Where is the service provided from?


The Galleries Health Centre, 3rd Floor

Washington NE38 7NQ

South Tyneside


The Moorlands Day Unit

South Tyneside District Hospital

Harton Lane, South Shields NE34 0PL


Contact details

The Community Falls Service

Galleries Health Centre 3rd Floor

Washington NE38 7NQ

0191 502 6810

0191 502 6811 fax

sty-tr.Falls-Galleries@nhs.net email

The team

The team consists of specialised nurses, physiotherapists, consultants, and health assistants. We have access to Occupational Therapists, exercise specialists, handy person services, and organizations like Age UK and the Sunderland exercise and lifestyle team.

 Useful Information

Locations for Community Falls Service in Sunderland:

Galleries Health Centre, Washington, 0191 502 6810