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Community Midwifery

Community midwives are responsible for providing antenatal and postnatal care generally outside of the hospital setting either at your GP surgery, your local Children’s Centre or in your home.  They are also responsible for delivering babies in the woman’s home when requested.

The community midwife will assess your needs to determine whether your care will be midwifery-led or shared between the consultant obstetrician and midwife. The midwife will discuss options for the place of birth of your baby, either at home or at a maternity unit, and give you information to help you reach decisions about your care whist you are pregnant, will prepare you for delivery, support you in labour if delivering at home and will provide care and information for you when your baby is born.

Regular assessment of your condition and your baby’s development will be monitored at certain times in your pregnancy and following the birth, care will be detailed in your maternity records.

Where is the service provided from?

Care is provided in the community setting however the Community Midwifery Services General Office is located on the first floor of the maternity unit at

South Tyneside District Hospital
Harton Lane
South Shields
Tyne and Wear

Contact details

Direct line to the general office is: 0191 4041025 (has answerphone service)

Fax number: 0191 2022177

Department is managed by: Safe Care Lead Midwife Bron Boddy

The team 

The team consists of 20 midwives and 2 Maternity Care Assistants who provide additional support for those women wishing to breastfeed. Midwifery and medical students undertake training in this area

Additional information

The partnership between you and your midwife will ensure you make informed decisions and choices in your own care. If at any time you require specialist care from a consultant, or require an ultrasound scan, your midwife will refer you to the Antenatal Assessment Services or directly to a consultant obstetrician. At any time during your care you may see an obstetrician – it is your right to do so.

Locations for Community Midwifery in South Tyneside:

South Tyneside District Hospital, South Shields, 0191 404 1000