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Continuous Quality Improvement Team

South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust has adopted a range of continuous quality improvement methods, including the principles of the North East Transformation System (NETS) encompassing Virginia Mason Production Systems (VMPS) to support improvements to patient pathways and transformation of our services.  Continuous quality improvement (CQI) enables us to place our patients experience, quality and safety at the heart of all we do.

Our team provides a range of continuous quality improvement interventions and skills training to support staff across the organisation in the use of core continuous quality improvement tools and techniques.  In addition the CQI team provides support to the leaders of improvement activities such as Kaizen event workshops and CQI projects .

Where is the service provided from?

We work with services and teams across the organisation, we are based at:

South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust
Windmill Way
Tyne & Wear
NE31 1AT

You can contact the team on: 0191 2831389 or Email CQI@stft.nhs.uk

The team:

Libby McCready
CQI Manager
Telephone: (Telephone: (0191)) 2831364
Email: Libby.mccready@stft.nhs.uk

Richard AtkinsonChristine.Kelley@stft.nhs.uk
Clinical Modernisation Facilitator
Telephone: (0191) 2831371
Email: Richard.atkinson@stft.nhs.uk

Christine Hall
Clinical Modernisation Facilitator
Telephone: (0191) 2831510
Email: Christine.hall@stft.nhs.uk

Christine Kelley
Clinical Modernisation Facilitator
Telephone: (0191) 2831655
Email: Christine.Kelley@stft.nhs.uk

Marie Pearson
Clinical Modernisation Facilitator
Telephone: (0191) 2831307
Email: Marie.Pearson@stft.nhs.uk

Sharon Scott
Clinical Modernisation Facilitator
Telephone: (0191) 2831368
Email: Sharon.Scott@stft.nhs.uk

Angela Stewart
Clinical Modernisation Facilitator
Telephone: (0191) 2831373
Email: Angela.Stewart@stft.nhs.uk

Fiona Carney
Continuous Quality Improvement Officer
Telephone: (0191) 2831233
Email: Fiona.Carney@stft.nhs.uk

Emma Davidson
Continuous Quality Improvement Officer
Telephone: (0191) 2831502
Email: Emma.Davidson@stft.nhs.uk

Lauri Elliott
Continuous Quality Improvement Administrator
Telephone: (0191) 2831389
Email: Lauri.Elliott@stft.nhs.uk

Locations for Continuous Quality Improvement Team in South Tyneside:

South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust, Hebburn, 0191 283 1000