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Health & Lifestyle Programme

The Health and Lifestyle Programme is available free of charge to people and workplaces in South Tyneside who are interested in making lifestyle changes that are realistic and achievable, through:

  • Providing 8 week weight management and/or healthy lifestyle courses that focus on key topics (including fats and cholesterol; portion sizes; food labelling, alcohol amongst others) that can be transferred into everyday eating habits, both for weight loss or weight maintenance and to help reduce the risk of health conditions including heart disease and type II diabetes. Courses are flexibly designed to suit client or group requirements and cover tiers 1-4 of the obesity strategy.
  • A one to one service, covering tiers 2 & 3 of the obesity strategy (BMI >28 with/without co-morbidities) where clients receive their own Health and Lifestyle Advisor and together work to develop a 12 week personal programme, designed to meet their individual health needs. This may include keeping food diaries, used as a tool to suggest healthier alternatives, control portion sizes and identify areas to change.

The team 

Health & Lifestyle Advisors

Claire Robinson

Laura Renwick

Jennifer Musgrave

Vicky Gilmore

Emma Cheetham

Beverley Stidolph

Tracy Usher



Locations for Health & Lifestyle Programme in South Tyneside:

Boldon Children's Centre, Boldon Colliery, 0191 519 5920

Whitburn Children’s Centre, Whitburn, 0191 529 4819

Horsley Hill Children’s Centre, South Shields, 0191 456 9404

Ridgeway Children’s Centre, South Shields, 0191 456 7751

Cleadon Park Primary Care Centre, South Shields, 0191 455 4621

The Glen Primary Care Centre, Hebburn, 0191 283 2250

Hebburn Early Excellence Centre, Hebburn, 0191 428 7650

Primrose Children’s Centre, Jarrow, 0191 424 9977

Palmer Community Hospital, Jarrow, 0191 451 6000

Bede Children’s Centre, Jarrow, 0191 422 0030

Flagg Court Health Centre, South Shields, 0191 283 2000

Marine Park Children’s Centre, South Shields, 0191 456 5418