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Intensive Therapy Unit (ITU) and High Dependency Unit (HDU)

The intensive therapy team care for patients that require close supervision due to the seriousness of their clinical condition. This will often require support for organ failure like artificial ventilation, renal replacement therapy (Haemodialysis) or other organ support.

There is a Consultant Anaesthetist with a specialist interest in Intensive Care Medicine available 24 hours a day for the treatment and care of patients in this area. The ITU Consultant Anaesthetist works jointly with the Consultant under whose care the patient was admitted to hospital to design a plan of care that ensures the best and most appropriate treatment plan. Depending on the clinical condition other specialist Consultants will be involved in the joint care of the patient as required.

The department provides care for both HDU (lower dependency) and ITU (higher dependency) patients in a six-bedded area. All patients are continuously monitored and assessed 24 hours a day with the direct care of specialist nurses.

Where is the service provided from?

South Tyneside District Hospital
Harton Lane
South Shields
Tyne & Wear
NE34 0PL

Telephone: (0191) 404 1030

The team 

Lorraine Spence, Department Manager

Elaine Madgin, Department Manager

Dr G Balaraj, Consultant Anaesthetist, ITU Lead Clinician

Dr S Deshpande, Consultant Anaesthetist

Dr C Frey, Consultant Anaesthetist, Clinical Lead Theatres and Critical Care

Dr S Gurung, Consultant Anaesthetist

Dr R Scano, Consultant Anaesthetist

Dr S Stein, Consultant Anaesthetist

Dr Kumud Bhattarai, Specialty doctor Anaesthetics

Dr Mohammed Dessoky, Speciality doctor Anaesthetics

Dr Ines Funtak, Specialty doctor Anaesthetics

Dr Hamid Ghasri, Specialty doctor Anaesthetics

Dr Push Mehlawat, Specialty doctor Anaesthetics

Dr Pradeep Rajashekar, Specialty doctor Anaesthetics

Dr Hema Singh, Specialty doctor Anaesthetics



Locations for Intensive Therapy Unit (ITU) and High Dependency Unit (HDU) in South Tyneside:

South Tyneside District Hospital, South Shields, 0191 404 1000