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Occupational Therapy (Adult Service in South Tyneside)

Occupational therapists work with people with a disability or an illness to promote independence in everyday life. We can help by supporting you to achieve goals which enable you to do things you want to do as safely and independently as possible.

We provide a service for adults in South Tyneside.

We will look at your ability to manage daily activities and may agree further input which includes the following:

  • Education of new skills and techniques   
  • Practice of regaining old and reinforcing new skills
  • Graded practice of activities to increase confidence
  • Group work
  • Provision of assistive equipment
  • Recommendations for adaptations
  • Promoting health and wellbeing
  • Finding ways to cope with problematic symptoms which can impact on daily living
  • Emotional and psychological support for patients and families
  • Promote quality of life using meaningful activities
  • Assessment of the client and their hand to identify difficulties; establish goals and carry out interventions or give advice to increase function and therefore independence

Activities to improve:

  • Memory
  • Concentration
  • Problem solving
  • Self esteem and confidence

Where is the service provided from?

Activities undertaken in hospital, community settings and patient’s home

South Tyneside District Hospital
Harton Lane
South Shields
NE34 0PL

Primrose Hill Hospital
Primrose Terrace
NE32 5HA

For South Tyneside District Hospital

Hand Clinic
Telephone: (0191) 4041000 ext.3091

Orthopaedic Surgical
Telephone: (0191) 4041000 ext.3104 Bleep 284

Acute Medicine
Telephone: (0191) 4041000 ext.3102/3 Bleep 102

Community Stroke
Telephone: (0191) 4041000 ext.2332

Stroke Rehab
Telephone: (0191) 4041000 ext.3266

Elderly Care (STDH)
Telephone (0191) 4041000 ext 2525/2530

Moorlands Day Unit
Telephone: (0191) 4041000 ext 2525/2530/2511

Primrose Hill Hospital
Telephone: (0191) 4041000 ext.2525/2530

Macmillan Specialist Occupational Therapist
Telephone: (0191) 0191 4516396

Locations for Occupational Therapy (Adult Service in South Tyneside) in South Tyneside:

South Tyneside District Hospital, South Shields, 0191 404 1000

Primrose Hill Hospital, Jarrow, 0191 451 6375