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Primrose Hill Hospital

Primrose Hill Hospital is a16 bedded mixed sex palliative care/end of life ward for the older person. It has a mixture of two bedded bays and single rooms, set in a homely atmosphere.

We look after older patients with a variety of life limiting diseases and provide the best supportive and palliative care to the patient and their families. We focus on good quality of life, which includes good symptom control. We aim to provide open and sensitive communication with patients and their relatives.

Where is the service provided from

Primrose Hill Hospital
Primrose Terrace
NE32 5HA

Contact details

Telephone: 0191 451 6375


The team

The ward is run by Lynn Jones (Ward Manager) with a team of Staff Nurses and Health Care Assistants. Medical cover is provided by Dr A Rodgers and Dr W Rose.

Locations for Primrose Hill Hospital in South Tyneside:

Primrose Hill Hospital, Jarrow, 0191 451 6375