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Risk and Compliance

The Risk and Compliance Team are part of the Nursing and Patient Safety Directorate and manage the systems required to underpin the risk and compliance structures and processes across the Trust.

Our role and responsibilities include:

  • Administering the Datix Incident Reporting System
  • Co-ordinating the Trust wide Risk Committees and sub groups
  • Acting as the nominated office for Serious Incident Reporting
  • Acting as the central office for CQC registration administration
  • Supporting, advising, managing the Trust’s compliance with national standards / requirements
  • Co-ordinating the Trust’s risk registers
  • Training and educating staff in risk management, incident reporting, investigating, risk register

We are based at South Tyneside District Hospital

The team

Tracey Newham
Risk Lead
Telephone: (0191) 4041000 Ext 2304
Email: tracey.newham@stft.nhs.uk

Julia Spencer
Compliance Lead
Telephone: (0191) 4041000 Ext 1092
Email: julia.spencer@stft.nhs.uk

Karen Robertson
Risk Analyst
Telephone: (0191) 4041000 Ext 2875
Email: karen.robertson@stft.nhs.uk

Jane Hush
Risk Officer
Telephone: (0191) 4041000 Ext 4233
Email: jane.hush@stft.nhs.uk

The team can also be contacted by emailing riskandcompliance@stft.nhs.uk.

Locations for Risk and Compliance in South Tyneside:

South Tyneside District Hospital, South Shields, 0191 404 1000