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School Nursing

South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust provides a school nursing service across Gateshead, South Tyneside and Sunderland. The school nursing service is made up of Registered Nurses who have additional specialist training or experience in public health and working with children and young people.We support the Government’s aim set out in "Every Child Matters" to provide children and young people with support they need regardless of their background or circumstances.

The school nurse leads a team of staff nurses and assistants who work with education, health and other professionals to provide a confidential service for the child.

We offer children in primary schools:

  • Health assessments and screening This includes a hearing and vision test in reception and height and weight checks in reception and year 6
  • Advice and support for both children and parents/carers on health issues such as growth and development, healthy eating, weight management, behaviour issues, feelings and emotions, continence, personal hygiene, dental, additional health and support needs, referral on to other services for specialist help

We offer young people in secondary school:

  • Advice and support for young people and parents on any health issues including feelings and emotions, behaviour issues, weight management, sexual health, continence, smoking.
  • Drop In sessions for young people to discuss general health issues, smoking, alcohol and drugs, sexual health and relationships, emotions and feelings, additional health and support needs.

Health Promotion

The school nursing team works with schools to plan and deliver health promotion sessions and events regarding lifestyle issues and school staff are offered training around chronic disease management.

Contact details:

Gateshead Staff

(0191) 4455247

Sunderland Staff

(0191) 5171191

South Tyneside Staff

(0191) 2831717

Additional Information

  • Children with additional needs - School Nurses work with parents, carers and school staff to ensure individual health needs are identified and health plans are formulated.
  • Children Educated Out of School

    Screening are offered within the relevant age groups.

    Safeguarding – The school will work within Local Safeguarding Childrens Board guidelines to safeguard children and this is an integral part of the role.