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The theatre team provide care for elective and trauma patients who require surgical intervention. There are 21 different surgeons who use the 6 theatres at South Tyneside, 2 of which have specialist laminar flow to facilitate orthopaedic surgery, we also have an additional dental theatre.

The department is divided into 3 patient areas; the anaesthetic room were patients receive a variety of anaesthetic treatments in preparation for surgery. The theatres itself are purpose designed rooms with the latest monitoring equipment to ensure patient safety during surgery. The last step in the patients journey in theatre is in the recovery room were patients spend a short time recovering from the surgery before returning to the ward.

The team consists of a range of highly trained staff of different disciplines, which includes surgeons, nurses, operating department practitioners and anaesthetists. Who all endeavour to ensure a relaxed atmosphere during a patients stay in the department.

Where is the service provided from?

South Tyneside District Hospital
Harton Lane
South Shields
Tyne & Wear
NE34 0PL

Contact details

Jayne Billings
Theatre Manager
Telephone: (0191) 404 1000 Ext. 3141

The Senior Theatre Practitioner Team

Shelley Quantrill
Angela Spann
Alison Sayers
Jane Hamilton
Bernadette Whales
Chris Reynold
Peter Waters
Tony Smith
Lesley Baynton
Julie McCabe.

Locations for Theatres in South Tyneside:

South Tyneside District Hospital, South Shields, 0191 404 1000